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What is Copper Used For in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows the players to build, and break stuff. Sandbox games give players the creative freedom to make their imaginations come to life. Minecraft is a fascinating 3D game whose map size is as big as Neptune and 7 times the size of Earth. In this game, you never ever run out of material to build and craft. Today we are going to learn what is copper used for in Minecraft.

6 Best Ways to Use Copper in Minecraft

Cooper is used for constructing and crafting something. That something could be a Copper ingot, lightning rod, spyglass, and so on. Let’s go into more detail:

  1. Copper Ingots

Copper Ingots

You need copper ore to craft the copper ingots. Copper ores can be found in the deep sea levels. So they are not that hard to find. Smelt the copper ores in a furnace and you will get the copper ingots. Copper ingots are a very valuable item in Minecraft because they are used to craft spyglass, copper blocks, weapons, and more. Copper ingots are one of the most useful items to have in possession. Because once you have these, you will be able to further craft more exciting items and get creative. Are you still wondering what is copper used for in Minecraft? How else you could benefit? Well, read further to explore more.

  1. Copper Blocks

Copper Blocks

Copper blocks are very easy to craft and quite useful as well. You need to put copper ingots in 4 cells of the crafting table to craft it. Copper blocks are what is copper used for in Minecraft. are more of a decorative item that you can use as the building blocks of your house or something. If you are interested in making copper-based buildings then these items are perfect. You can make copper walls, roofs, floors, and a lot more.

There are plenty of creative ideas you can come up with. While you still have copper ore, ingots, and building blocks. You can also cut copper with stone. And when you put the cut copper on the crafting table, you will be able to craft a staircase. The possibilities are endless, so do try it and let us know in the comments section what you have gained and how much fun you had learning the craft.

  1. Spyglass


Spyglass is more of a telescope that can also be converted into a binocular. You can use the spyglass to zoom in and simply survey the faraway land. It is quite beneficial if you are into PVP (Player Verses Player). To craft this item, you need to combine two copper ingots with an Amethyst shard in the vertical line on the crafting table. Make sure to place the Amethyst shard in the top slot. Let’s explore more what is copper used for in Minecraft and what else we can craft.

  1. Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod

Lightning could cause a fire if you are living in a forest in Minecraft or other grassy areas where there is a chance. If you want to know what is copper used for in Minecraft then a Lighting rod is yet another example. A lightning rod is used to divert lightning from burning down your wood-made house. And you will be safe from fire or other disasters when you have a lightning rod at hand. You would only need three copper ingots to craft the rod. Place those 3 copper ingots in a straight line on your crafting table and you are good to go.

Note: Do not place the lighting rod on a grassy or woody surface, because it would fire up the area when the lightning strikes.

  1. Wax Copper

Wax Copper

Combine copper block with honeycomb to craft wax copper. A waxed copper prevents the copper from oxidizing. The copper block becomes weather-resistant and does not oxidize after it is waxed. It does not matter how long you have the waxed copper block sitting in the open. Do wax the copper if you have some kind of decorative piece of a building made with copper blocks.

  1. Copper Armor

Copper Armor

Copper armor can be made with copper ingots. You can craft a copper helmet, chest plate, boots, and leggings. You need to craft each of these items individually. Copper armor is an alternative to leather armor and it can greater protection against damage. To craft a chest plate, you need to put copper ingots in all the boxes except the one in the top-mid. For helmet crafting, put 5 copper ingots on the crafting table in the “upside-down U” shape. To craft leggings, leave two boxes empty in the vertical line at the bottom and fill the other boxes with copper ingots. To craft the boots, leave the “T” shape empty on the crafting table and add 4 ingots to the rest of the boxes.


In this article, we have thoroughly discussed what is copper used for in Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that gives players everything they need to make an imaginary world. A world that sticks to their imagination so that they could improve on it further. Copper is the most useful item in the Minecraft game, you can craft spyglass, lightning rods, wax copper, armor, copper blocks, and a lot of decorative stuff. You would only need to smelt the copper ore to have the copper ingots in your inventory. Then you will be able to craft your desired item. Now you know how and what you can craft with copper ingots. Thanks for reading!