How to Make Concrete in Minecraft: A Perfect Guide

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Minecraft gives you every single tool to craft and material to build your own world. You can literally build anything in this game. From a house to a castle to a building. Today we are going to be talking about how to make concrete in Minecraft. There are several different ways you can use to build your safehouse in Minecraft. You have everything available in this game, all you need is time to build your safehouse or beautiful mansion made out of marble. Concrete is a very solid material. So if you are looking to make your Mansion look strong and colorful then you better get the Concrete block. Concrete blocks cannot be easily found in the game’s world. But you can craft it using some cheap materials. And it can be crafted in 16 different colors.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete requires quite a few things to craft and those few things need to be crafted first. We would need concrete powder to make concrete in Minecraft. So first we need to craft Concrete Powder and then we will further discuss how to make concrete in Minecraft.

  1. Get The Material to Craft Concrete Powder First

Get The Material to Craft Concrete Powder First

  • Gray Dye (1 unit)
  • Sand (4 units)
  • Gravel (4 units)

You can craft Dyes from plants by smelting them. The dye comes in many colors. We are using Gray dye. If you want to make a blue concrete block then get a blue dye. There are also light gray, yellow, red, and many different colors of dyes available. So make your choice and get started.

Sand can be found anywhere on the beach or in desert areas in Minecraft. Gravel can also be found there or on ocean floors.

  1. How to Craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft

How to Craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft

  • To craft the concrete powder you need to place Gray Dye and 2 units of sand in the top row of the crafting table.
  • Now add one unit of gravel and 2 units of sand in the middle row.
  • Afterward in the bottom row, you need to add three units of gravel. Now this will give you at least 8 units of Gray Concrete powder. Each unit of Gray concrete powder will give you one Concrete Block.
  1. Mixing the Powder with Water

Mixing the Powder with Water

In this step, you need to mix concrete powder with water because it will harden the powder. Look for water somewhere and place powder in it. Afterward, it will quickly suck up water and you will get the concrete block in return as a result.

  1. Mine the Concrete Block

Mine the Concrete Block

Finally, the concrete has been but how to place them anywhere you would like other than water? Well, simply mine them with your pickaxe. This will break the Concreate and you will get a new version of it in your inventory which can be placed anywhere. So now you can build a house or a castle for yourself.

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In this article, we have discussed how to make concrete in Minecraft. The procedure that we have followed so far is pretty easy. You first need to craft concrete powder in order to proceed further. Once you have the powder crafted, you can use it to make solid concrete by mixing it in water. Once you do that, it will harden the powder and you will get solid concrete. Afterward mine it so that you can be able to place it anywhere when building something for yourself. Use your pickaxe to mine it. We also talked about how you can craft several different colors of dyes to get the desired color of concrete crafting. Thanks for reading!