What Does Smite do in Minecraft: A Detailed Guide

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Smite increases your weapon damage in Minecraft, it is an enchantment that you can apply to your swords, axes, and more. Afterward, you will be able to quickly kill an undead mob. Minecraft is not just a world-building game but a world full of fun, entertainment, violence, and so on. You will face a number of creatures in Minecraft, one of them being undead mobs. So we apply enchantment to the weapons to make them inflict more damage. Still, wondering what does smite do in Minecraft and how to make concrete in Minecraft. Well, then read ahead:

How Much Damage can a Smite Inflict on Undead Mobs in Minecraft?

Apart from what does smite do in Minecraft, Smite has different levels, and the fifth is the highest level Smite. Each level gives your weapon a 2.5 point of extra damage power. So at the level of five, you will have a 12.5% extra damage added to your weapon. It is more of an upgrade to your weapon that increases its damage rate so that you can be able to defeat a powerful enemy.

16 Undead Mobs you can Expect to Face in Minecraft

The enchantment can only be used on weapons like swords or axes and nothing else. Here are the sixteen undead enemies you can expect to face:

  1. Skeletons
  2. Zombies
  3. Zombie Villagers
  4. Husk zombies
  5. Phantoms
  6. The Drowned
  7. Zoglins
  8. Wither
  9. Wither Skeletons
  10. Zombie Piglins
  11. Skeleton Horses
  12. Zombie Horses
  13. Stray skeletons
  14. Spider Jockeys
  15. Drowned zombies
  16. Chicken Jockeys

How to Craft an Enchantment Table in Minecraft

If you want to know more about what does smite do in Minecraft then you need to know how to craft an enchantment table in Minecraft. An enchantment table is used to apply the smite to your sword or an axe. Here is how to craft:

  • You need 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 diamonds, and a book
  • Now place three blocks of obsidian in the bottom row and one block in the middle.
  • Place 2 diamonds in the empty boxes of the middle row and place the book at the top box in the middle column.

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Finally, you will have the enchantment table crafted. You can use it as you like but if you want to move it then you would have to destroy it with your pickaxe. Afterward, you will be able to recraft it and position it wherever you desire.

How to use Smite Through the Enchantment Table in Minecraft

When you have an enchantment table you can enhance it with bookshelves. The table can enchant your tools, weapons, armor, and more. Smite is an option that appears on your enchantment table when you have an enchanted book at hand as well. Afterward, you can use the table to apply the Smite.

Important: In Minecraft: Java Edition, the only way to give an axe Smite is to use an enchanted book. In Bedrock Edition, you can use an enchanting table for both swords and axes.

How to Apply Smite on Weapons in Minecraft

You must be wondering how to apply Smite on weapons in Minecraft. Well, here is how to do it:

  1. Right-click on your enchantment table and open the enchantment screen.
  2. Now you will see the menu where you need to add the sword in one box and 3 lapis lazuli in one.
  3. Now choose a Smite option to apply and you are good to go.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we talked about what does smite do in Minecraft. We have learned that Smite upgrades your weapons. Upgrading weapons mean, your weapon damage will be increased when the smite is applied. Then you will be able to inflict more damage on the undead mob you face in Minecraft. We also discussed how much damage a smite upgrade could inflict. Apart from that, there are 16 different undead mobs you can expect to face in the game. We learned that you would need an enchantment table to apply the smite and how to craft an enchantment table. All of these steps will lead you to understand Smite better and how to use it effectively. Thanks for reading!